Specialized Hand Tools

Electric pipe threader  
Pipe threader 1" to 4"
Pipe cutter 2" x 4"
Pipe cutter 4" x 6"
Tool box With hand tools
NOTE Dies not included

Small Engines

Air compressor Gas and portable
Chain saw  
Generator 5 HP portable
Generator 20 KW
Lawn mower with operator 3 HP
Water pump 2"
Water pump 3"
Water pump 4"
Weed eater  

Trucks And Machinery

Backhoe With operator
Bulldozer 450 With operator
Diesel pulling unit  
Forklift With operator
Pickup truck With tools
Pickup truck Without tools
Tractor With mover & operator
Truck 2-ton With 35' goose neck trailer
Winch truck With operator
14-yard Mack dump truck With operator

Welding Equipment

Beveling machine 1-1/2" to 12"
Electric buffing machine  
Line up clamps 2" to 10"
Welding machine portable
Torch With hose

Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting compressors   Day Week Month
185 CMF per day per week per month
375 CMF per day per week per month
750 CMF per day per week per month
Blasting equipment   per hour
Sand pot & paint equipment   Upon request
GENERAL INFORMATION Equipment not available from Tidewater Dock, Inc. will be furnished by Tidewater Dock, Inc. from outside sources when authorized and will be billed to company at actual cost plus 20%.
On all rental equipment, customers are responsible for maintenance and repair beyond normal wear and tear, plus fuel and oil usage.
All hazardous material will be disposed of according to federal and state laws at cost of plus 20%.
All time and transportation starts at Tidewater Dock, Inc. and stops upon return to Tidewater Dock, Inc.
Any deviation from the price list must be approved by management.

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